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Australia Skilled Worker Immigration

Skilled Workers Program

The skilled workers who wish to immigrate to Australia will need to apply for the 189 or 190 visas. These visas are based on the same principles as other visas. But these are particularly intended for independent aspirants. Subclass 189 of Australian visa allows a skilled worker to work in Australia and live as a permanent residence. And subclass 190 of the Australian visa is for the skilled workers who are nominated by the country’s states.

The Requirements

There are few requirements for an eligible applicant to apply for the 189 visa subclass.

The processing Time

these visas is nearly six months

This visa will allow skilled workers to migrate with their families. They can live and work anywhere in Australia with the help of this visa at the same time. Applicants can also study in Australia while living on this visa. The skilled workers are also entitled to apply for citizenship of their families.

The requirements to qualify for the 190 subclass visa are that a state or a region must nominate the applicant

This visa has a point-based system, and applicants can earn points based on their skills.
It is a state-sponsored visa.

This visa allows the applicant

To migrate to a specific state in Australia. Applicants can take their families along with them. This visa allows the applicants to study alongside and has different criteria for each state or province. Applicants need to go through a skill assessment test while app; lying for this visa.
At Global City, our expert immigration consultants make a positive assessment of the applicant’s skill to ensure if they are eligible. We help our clients in submitting the documents on their behalf. We also do the follow up with the Department of Immigration.