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Study in New Zealand

Why study in New Zealand?

The most important features, benefits and reasons for choosing it

It's a great choice! Let's see what studying in New Zealand can do for you!

New Zealand is a great destination for international students, as it offers a world-class education system. All its institutions adhere to global standards, and the government regularly tests and monitors them to ensure a high standard of education wherever it chooses to study. New Zealand has a progressive and interactive educational system that combines traditional principles of teaching with innovation and technology, which leads to graduates of this education obtaining qualifications recognized and respected worldwide.

New Zealand is a member of the Lisbon Treaty for the Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications, which means that its diplomas, diplomas and degrees are recognized in all 50 countries participating in the treaty.

World University Rankings

There is so much to choose from, and choosing the right and appropriate study program is always a difficult decision. If we take into account the different needs of students, and the different study programs and universities among them, the decision to choose the appropriate study program for your needs as a student is of the utmost importance, as research shows that study preparation plays a big role in the level of international student satisfaction.

Business advantages

New Zealand offers many unique work benefits to international students, including the ability to work full time during holidays as well as the option to apply for a six-month work permit to earn the points needed to obtain a residency application.