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Australia Immigration

Residency by investment

Australia is an emerging wealthy country that has an excellent reputation across the globe. This country has a high Human Development Index; this country’s quality of life is extremely high with economic freedom alongside. Australia has a merit-based immigration system. If an applicant wants to apply for permanent residency, they need to stay for at least 2 to 5 years. Otherwise, they need to demonstrate their ties with Australia to get the residency status.

The government of this country introduced

The Australian Significant Visa in 2012. At Global City, we help our clients inquiring about this visa; it creates a pathway for permanent residency through investment immigration. We help the applicants meet the criteria for applying. The structure of the visa application is based on certain laws and policies. The visa application can be rejected if the applicant fails to meet the criteria.

The processing Time

The processing time of the visa differs on the type of visa they have applied for. The applications that are the most beneficial for the country are given more priority than others. There are few subdivisions under the Business Innovation and Investment program.

There are few subdivisions under the Business Innovation and Investment program

The Business Innovation Stream
Applicants need to pass a point test to apply for this stream. Apart from that, they need to have a successful business career with an annual turnover of at least five hundred thousand Australian dollars. Applicants should have personal assets of 8 hundred thousand AUD. Ownership or management of an Australian business is also important to be eligible for these criteria.
The Investor Stream
For this particular stream, the applicant needs to have an investment experience of a minimum of three years and pass the points test. The applicants should be ready to commit 1.5 million to an Australian state or territory. At the same time, they need to have a net asset of 2.5 million dollars.
The Significant Investor Stream
This stream investor needs to invest at least 5 million AUD in four years.
The Entrepreneur Stream
The applicants have a unique business idea, then they need to sign an agreement. In that way, they can receive two hundred thousand AUD from an Australian company to develop that business idea or product. At Global City, assist their customers in the application process. Our experts monitor the whole procedure on behalf of them.