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Toursim in Australia

The tourist visa in Australia

Allows people to visit and stay in the country for a short period. Due to the long coastline and multiple beaches, Australia has grown to be the most attractive tourist destination for everyone. If a person wants to visit Australia for a vacation or some other business purposes, they need to apply for this visa.

Tourism can mean many things; it can mean visiting for recreation or attending a wedding, or visiting friends or family. And business purposes can mean attending meetings and conferences. There are certain rules and regulations for both purposes.

A person who enters Australia with a visitor’s visa is only permitted to visit places. They are not allowed to provide any services to a business or a person in Australia. The visitors can not sell any goods to the Australian public. Students of informal courses can also apply under the Australian Subclass 600 Visa.

Parents of permanent residence of Australia can also apply for visitors visa of subclass 103. They are granted multiple entries with five years of validity. To apply for these visas, the following documents are essential:

Customers need to scan a copy of their passport with other visa stamps. They should leave at least one page of the original passport blank. They also need a carry recent passport size photographs and documents related to the purpose of the visit.

Suppose someone is going to visit their friends and family in Australia

They need to carry proof of their invitation that they have received. If someone is visiting for medical emergencies, then they need to carry a letter from their doctor.
If you are planning to pay a visit to Australia, then contact Global City. Our expert immigration consultants can help people with all the paper works that need to be done to process visa and application. This whole procedure can take up to 10 to 15 days. But if some additional information is needed that there are chances that it can take longer.